Bill Enos Foundation

To our NDS friends and family, it’s been over a year since we lost our dear friend and co-worker Bill Enos. We have included a wonderful letter from his wife Jan as she shares what this year has meant to her and her family. I trust you will be encouraged and want to join her new endeavor in Bill’s honor. As one who works closely with many of you, all I can say is ..

THANK YOU! The support and continued relationship has been a blessing to be a part of.
Wishing you a wonderfull 2015.

Bob Simmonns

NDS Family, As we apporach the one year mark of losing Bill, we have been reflecting on the accomplishment of surviving the year without him.

Those of your who know Bill, miss him in many of the same ways we do. His sense of humor, his kind demeanor and his even-keeled temperament (unless you were unfortunate enough to push him too far). But what we hang on to, what keeps us going, is the joy of having known and loved him. Aren’t we all better people?

I tell my girls they might not have had a dad for very long, but they had a great one. Holding this near to our hearts, helps us through each day.

We survived the holidays. A feat for many people on a good year. Our tactic, was to figuratively cover ourselves in tinsel, take the holidays head on and make the best of it. We decided to decorate a special tree just for Daddy. On it, hung all of the ormaments Bill had been given over the years and we added more from friends who shared special memories of good times together.

We have also been confiquing our work with the BE Youth Sport Foundation. We are officially a non-profit 501(c)(3) in the process of seeking tax exempt status. The form is quite long, but we’re almost there. We have partnered with Carmichael Girls Softball and this March we will have our second BE Day. The softball players will work on a projcet to improve their field and then enjoy some fun. Last year we put up scoreboards, home and visitor signs. This year the girls will work on bat racks. We hope they are learning the value of giving back, something Bill enjoyed doing for the love of the sport. We have other things planned for the foundation in the coming months.

If you are intersted in joining our mailling list please visit This year showed us again and again how blessed we are to have such kind and generous people in our lives. Each holiday or significant day, we were treated with kind words and often special treats and gifts to remind us we are loved. Also reminding us of the amazing “villages” we have that will help us through these difficult times. And of course, we are so thankful for the generouns and continued support of our NDS family. You are truly an amazing group of people. We hope the 22nd reminds you to love and live life to the fullest.

Our Best, The Enos Girls

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