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How a bakery chain found a better way to manage food product inventory.

The Opportunity

A client overseeing the operation of bakery chains across several locations needed a method to track the freshness of food products across stores to enable efficient and cost-effective ordering. They also wanted to ensure that food safety standards were maintained. This tracking system needed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use in the kitchen.

The Challenge

The client currently used laminated paper tags to label their products. With over 80 different food items in stock, the tags lasted only a few weeks, so identifying the freshness of each item was not possible since the tags were destroyed. The food items had to be changed out periodically resulting in increased expenses.

The Solution

We researched and tested several different tag materials for strength and durability. We found a type of paper stock that was not affected by the cooking oils currently damaging the tags.

The Result

The client reduced their cost for bakery tags by over 60% for the year!

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